Municipal Spatial Planning and Land Use Management by Law

A municipal spatial planning and land use management by law is a legal document enacted by local authorities to govern land use and development within their jurisdiction. It exists to establish a framework for sustainable growth, manage urban development, and ensure that land is used in a manner that benefits the community.  This by law facilitates orderly development, ensures compliance with national and provincial spatial planning policies, protects natural resources, promotes social equity, and creates vibrant, well designed urban spaces. It also enables municipalities to assess and regulate land use applications, conduct public participation processes, and make informed decisions that align with local development objectives.

In terms of the Municipal by laws, property owners are compelled to obtain permission from council should they intend to use their property for any purposes other than its current legal zoning.

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Spatial Development Framework

A Spatial Development Framework (SDF) is a strategic planning document that outlines long term vision and framework for spatial development within a specific area. It guides the physical, social, economic, and environmental development of the municipality. The SDF is required to promote sustainable and inclusive development, coordinate land use management and spatial planning, ensure efficient provision of infrastructure and services, foster economic growth, address spatial inequalities, and protect natural resources. By having an SDF in place, municipalities can provide a clear direction for land use, development priorities, and investment decisions, leading to more balanced and equitable spatial development.

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Land Use Schemes

A land use scheme refers to a comprehensive document that outlines how land within a specific municipal area should be utilised and developed. It is a regulatory framework that sets out guidelines and rules for various land uses such as residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational purposes.

The purpose of a land use scheme is to provide a strategic and organized approach to land development and management. Its function is to ensure orderly planning. The scheme helps municipalities make informed decisions regarding land use, zoning and development proposals.

Land uses must be in line with the Land Use Scheme in order for it to be legal. Should illegal land uses exist on a property, the owner risk suffering loss of income, or being penalised by means of fines or court orders to demolish the illegal structures.

We can assist by confirming / correcting your property zoning in order for you to be legally compliant with council policies.


Town Planning services are crucial for the amendment of land use applications to councils. We as professionals possess the expertise to carefully assess the impacts of proposed land use changes and ensure they align with zoning regulations and community development goals. Our objective analyses help identify potential conflicts, evaluate the feasibility of projects, and propose appropriate mitigation measures. By utilising our knowledge and experience, we as professional planners enable town councils to make informed decisions that promote sustainable development, balance community needs, and enhance the overall quality of life within the municipal area.


  • Land use management / spatial planning
  • Draughting services
  • Investigating possible land use rights / Unlawful land uses
  • Public participation process
  • Objections to council against proposed unlawful land uses
  • Project management
  • General services and advice related to property development

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